Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Race Across the Sky Week 17 & 18

What a last couple of weeks it has been. And I do apologize for being late...

Needless to say, there have been some highs, lows, and ends...I guess I can start with the high the other week of 101 miles in a week. THAT, is a first. Not that I was shooting for it but when the chance to do it came, I took it.

Low in the last couple of weeks would be the passing of Caballo Blanco. And while most of us in the running, ultra running community know the name, I got to meet "The Man" last summer while up in Leadville for the Silver Rush 50 miler.
He was staying at the house (or right next door) where some of my friends (picture above) were staying and just so happened to appear for dinner followed by cake and drinks after. By far one of the nicest and coolest people one would want to meet. He lived his life on his terms. RIP Caballo, you are sorely missed...

On another note, I've closed on my house here in Ft.Collins. After 13.5 yrs it's no longer mine. I have rented it back for the month till I can close on my place in Boulder. A lot of memories here, but...truly time to close this chapter in my life and begin a new one. Last but not running streak came to an end yesterday at 126 days straight. Oh sure I could have continued but the goal all along was only 100. And with that monkey off my back I might sleep in one of these mornings. Well, we'll see if Abbey buys into that. Ok, with that said and done, I'll try and be on time this coming week. RunStrong!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Race Across the Sky Week 16

For most, it's usually their birthday or Christmas but for me, the first day of Spring is mine! It's the sign of the times that ol'man Winter is GONE and nature returns in the form of green grass, flowers, birds etc...

This past week was one of "rest" as I was still getting over the 90 miler followed by a 60 miler. So, I only covered a pedestrian 44 which included the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab UT.

Conditions this year in no way resembled those of two years ago. This time around it was WINDY & HOT. I went into the run with the mindset of running a 1:28 and change as I've felt that workouts would lead to that. Needless to say, mother nature had other plans. With that said, and knowing where I needed to be time wise to pull this off, I had no choice but to run in "packs" and keep an eye on my Garmin ensuring that I was on schedule. That worked for the first 9 ~9.5 miles then I was pretty much on my own, and by then, it got Hot! Now, not that I don't like heat but, coming from CO it was just winter the other day if you know what I mean. But, everyone was presented with the same conditions PR but managed to place 2nd in age group and I'll take that. This year. Next? Aside from that, the house has sold. A lot of memories in the 13 years of living there but it's time for change. And while Boulder may not be "new" to me, it will be. RunStrong,


Monday, March 12, 2012

Race Across the Sky, Week 15

Ouch! after a 90 mile week before, I "toned" it down to a more civilian distance of 60 this past one which I know was still to much to soon...

This Saturday (10th) I met up with the Boulder/Ft.Collins trail runners at Lory State Park. Most all were up for the full 26 but I had to bail at the top of Towers and get back home. This still gave me 15 for the day which somehow as more than I probably needed knowing I was hoping on 22 for Sunday the 11th. And yes, not only did I know it was going to be rough going on Sunday, I bailed from the group run to try and break the run down into two 10 milers. Needless to say, I was fried after 10 and opted to call it a day as it was just not worth it no matter how much I wanted the miles. So instead, I drove to Boulder and rode.

This morning (12th) I was still somewhat in a little "discomfort" but instead of running...I walked it! yep, walked it. And while yeah, I'm sure I could have ran, just felt that as long as I was out on my feet for an hour, it's all good. I mean, I know they'll be some walking in Leadville so might as well get used to it. And for once, instead of lolligaging behind me, Abbey was in front the whole way and loving it! Next up...Canyon Lands 1/2 in Moab. RunStrong,


Monday, March 5, 2012

Race Across the Sky Week 14

Wheww...that about sums up the last two weeks. Not only from the selling, buying on the house front but as well as mileage. On the house front, I think I've got a serious buyer this time. We'll see though as I've been down this road before. Trying not to get to excited.

On the other hand, tomorrow marks day 100 of consecutive running! of course, if we could count all the "twofers" that I've done when this started it would have been a long time ago doesn't work that way. But, none the less, 100 days straight. Wow.

This week also marked the first time I ran 90 miles as well which I had the pleasure of running it with a couple of friends and none other than Cat herself. And while she is still trying to get over surgery, kudos for being the trooper she is! And, while there was numerous times she had to stop and stretch, it was all good. I would have walked (and we did) if need be. And as many times as she told me to "go ahead" I wasn't about to leave my wingman, er, woman. I will tone it down though this week and NO DOUBT there will be a day off!! Yeay!

I also met Juli who is a former Miss Florida and current founder, Prez of Wag Strong, which I told her it would be an honor to be a part of this team, dream, organization that is near and dear to me having lost pets to cancer. A roller coaster couple of weeks but as with all else, the sun came up this morning!! RunStrong,


Monday, February 27, 2012

Race Across the Sky Week 13

Hi all, and sorry for the week off but with the house selling, me buying, then my buyers loan doesn't get approved it's been hectic times to say the least. House is back no the market so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Though I have to admit the morning after I was told that my buyer didn't get their loan was the hardest run as it felt like someone had taken a 2 x 4 and wham! However, I've done all I can and will take this as far as I can.

With that said, runs have been good! as I write this I'm about a week away from 100 day's in a row! woohoo!! don't ask why as it just started and I kept going. There will be no day 101 if you know what I mean...

Yesterday, the 26th was my first "real" long run of the year. The plan was 30 miles. I met Michelle M by my house and was fortunate to have her for 5 miles from the start as I was heading up to the Bud plant to meet some peeps for what was supposed to be 20. Needless to say in all the 30 plus years I've been running have only come close once to the conditions that we encountered. There was a point running (crawling would best describe it) that I looked down at my Garmin and we were clocking a whomping 13:30 minute mile! Just Crazy!!

We only ended up doing 17 and high tailed it back to the car and home. It truly was brutal!! however, once home, I ate a little bit and took Abbey out to finish what I had started as I've tried not to let anything get in the way when I've a long day like this planned. This was huge for the "bank" if you know what I mean. RunStrong all!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Race Across the Sky Week 11

This past week started off with a run up in one of my favorite spots in the world. Dillon, CO. Now, I've been somewhat around the world but this truly is a gem with the lake and mountains surrounding it. The week was one of firsts as well as I ended up with a total of 85 miles.

Now, I know for a fact that I've never done that much in one week but it just sort of fell in place. And am glad to say that nothing is broken, damaged etc! woo hoo...and while there were a couple of days that I took my time getting out the front door, I got out! and as usual, it got better as the run went on.

Have had a lot of showings at the house but still nothing. Will keep fingers crossed that it will sell and I can keep moving forward in this project as well. This coming weekend, will be my first two races of the year. Though I did the snow shoe one, these will be a 5 and 10 milers run back to back. And while I'm not worried about either one as both combined are just over a half marathon. I would like to think I can go top 3 in each one and that is the goal.

So, that is about it for now. I will back off to 70 miles give or take this week as well. That 85miler was purely experimental for now. I know they'll be coming up more often than not. RunStrong.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Race Across the Sky, Week 10.

Ok, ok, so I'm a couple day's late. No excuse, just somewhat busy the last couple of days. And with that, another good week. Though I wanted to cut it short of the 70 milers I put in the last couple of weeks. Just didn't feel it was time to keep any streaks going other than the one I have for consecutive days which now stands at about seventy something! WooHoo...

After so many years of saying "I want to do that" Abbey and I made our way up to Frisco CO for the 42nd annual Frisco Gold Rush which has both snow shoeing and cross country skiing. That, and a lecture by a local historian, author on some of the facts of mining of an era gone bye. Pretty cool to combine a couple of my favorite subjects on one day!

Now, while I have been in the back country plenty of time with snow shoes, I've never raced in them! however, how difficult can it be right? just like running but with wider shoes. And with that, they lined us up at 5:00 p.m. and off we went and OMG, it had been a while since I'd raced at 9000' and felt it right from the get go! Everything hurts at that altitude. But, I also knew that once I got going and backed it off a bit I would be ok. The first couple of guys just bolted from the gun. Obviously locals and that was fine as I had no idea of the course other than to "follow the pink flags" that were out there. Well, needless to say, about a 1/4 or so in even the two leaders made a wrong turn which when we discovered the mistake had to back track which meant what distance we put on the rest (I was in 3rd at the time) we gave back. Once back on track, trail, it was the two locals that just bolted away and that was fine by me as it gave me a reference point so to speak. Needless to say, I was still hurting big time due to the altitude, at which point, one other person caught up to me. Now, I could have kept him somewhat behind me as the trail was narrow but waved him by first chance and decided I'd ride his coat tails to the finish and get him there. Well, needless to say, again, local knowledge beat me to the finish!! 4th overall, 2nd in age group. Hey, I'll take it! and thank God it was only a 5k!!

I contemplated doing the cross country (ski) the following day but choose to get my long run in up there and watch the sunrise over lake Dillon. Truly a million dollar run!! Week total: 62